1. is music actually your life (in whichever perspective you see this question)? yes
2. what are your favorite bands? icp
3. got any pictures of yourself? yes.
4. got any pictures of your friends? none, not at all. yah, somewhere
5. do you like ice cream? no
6. what are your favorite four colors? black,red, green, aquamarine
7. what are your hobbies aside from listening to music? mastu... ermm... mastering games.
8. why do you want to be in this community? cus you told me to be.
9. will you promote? no, not at all.
10. can you paint us a picture on "computer paint" for us? no i dont paint in pixel programs.
11. do you know any card tricks? yes
12. know of any bands near you that you could post about? i dont know. ask the creator.
13. do you like to chew bubblegum? yes
14. you didn't actually think we weren't going to ask you you name, right? hi im tyrel
15. no seriously. what's your name? half portugese half tyrel
16. how old are you? 17
17. what's your favorite color? grape
18. are you glad that this is the second to last question? huh
19. what's your favorite number (if you don't have one, just say one that comes off the top of your head)? 3.1415926964
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Alright. First things first. This is the first public entry of this group.
I don't even know how many people would actually join it.
It was kind of a random thing i put together because of sheer boredom.
I Do think, however, that this group could be pretty cool if we put our hearts into it.
Apply and have fun, loves


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